Publicly Traded Fund Focused on
Income-Producing Debt Investments

BDCA Venture is a closed-end fund regulated as a business development company under the 1940 Act. Our investment objective is to maximize total return by generating current income from debt investments and, to a lesser extent, capital appreciation from equity and equity-related investments. BDCA Venture’s shares are listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol BDCV. BDCA Venture is managed by BDCA Venture Adviser, LLC.

The Board is currently assessing BDCA Venture’s investment objective and strategy, use of available cash resources (including cash used for distributions and the stock repurchase program) and the overall business operations and portfolio management of BDCA Venture going forward. The Board has not at this time made any changes in BDCA Venture’s existing investment objective and strategy, plans for use of available cash resources, distribution policy, business operations or portfolio management.

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